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  • What are cookies?

    Cookies are very small text files that are sent to the user’s browser and saved on the user’s device by the website’s server. Cookies are used to evaluate and enhance user experience through personalization and improved services.

    Cookie Collection and Use

    VISITKOREA (Website/App) collects cookies for the following purposes.

    Necessary cookies

    Necessary cookies are required for features such as website search and security. Turning off necessary cookies will lower efficiency due to limitations on services and features. Information collected through necessary cookies will only be used for that purpose and will not be shared or sold to a third party.

    Performance cookies

    Performance cookies collect information on how users use the website. This data is used to personalize the website and allow users to use the website more conveniently. (Example: Number of visits, number of visited pages, website activity, number of errors, etc.) Performance cookies does not collect personal information about the user and guarantees anonymity.

    DomainCookie namePurposeExpirationUsed by
    visitkorea.or.kr_cc_idUsed to determine VK app coupons.270 daysFirst party
    panoramaIdUsed to set Naver multilingual map support configuration.7 daysFirst party
    panoramaId_expiry7 daysFirst party
    panoramaIdType7 daysFirst party
    XSRF-TOKENUsed to set service and security configuration.SessionFirst party
    dataCookieUsed to track user’s cookie settings.30 daysFirst party
    langUsed to track user’s language preference.30 daysFirst party
    FcookieUsed to track user’s functionality cookie settings.30 daysFirst party
    PerformCookieUsed to track user’s performance cookie settings.30 daysFirst party
    McookieUsed to track user’s advertising cookie settings.30 daysFirst party

    Functionality cookies

    Functionality cookies help the website remember the user’s choices and preferences to provide personalized services. Turning off functionality cookies will prevent website features related to providing content based on previous selections and preferences.

    DomainCookie namePurposeExpirationUsed by
    google.comAPISIDUsed to play YouTube videos embedded in the website.2 yearsThird party
    SAPISID Third party
    HSIDAllows Google to block many types of attack, such as attempts to steal the content of forms submitted in Google services, by digitally signing and encrypting records of user’s Google Account ID and most recent sign-in time.2 yearsThird party
    SID2 yearsThird party
    NIDUsed to show Google ads in Google services for signed-out users.6 monthsThird party
    SEARCH_SAMESITEUsed to send data to Google.5 monthsThird party
    SIDCCUsed to identify reliable web traffic.1 yearThird party
    SSIDDigitally signed and encrypted records of a user’s Google Account ID and most recent sign-in time.1 yearThird party
    DVUsed by Google to collect data on user activities for website report and improvement analysis. Collected data remains anonymous and consists of number of visitors, previous webpage of visitor, and visited pages.SessionThird party
    UULEUsed by Google to send precise location information from the user’s browser to Google’s servers so that Google can show results that are relevant to the user’s location. This cookie depends on user’s browser settings and location option.6 monthsThird party

    Advertising cookies

    Advertising cookies track the user’s online activity to allow advertisers to provide personalized advertisements or limit the number of advertisements. Advertising cookies are typically permanent cookies and the data is shared with other businesses and advertisers.

    DomainCookie namePurposeExpirationUsed by
    google.com__Secure-1PAPISIDUsed by Google to create a targeted user profile based on preference to provide personalized ads.2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-1PSID2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-1PSIDCC2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-1PSIDTS2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-3PAPISID2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-3PSID2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-3PSIDCC2 yearsThird party
    __Secure-3PSIDTS2 yearsThird party
    1P_JARUsed for displaying Google ads or retargeting ads.1 monthThird party
    ADS_VISITOR_IDUsed to identify Google ads provided to the user.1 monthThird party
    AECUsed to ensure that requests within a browsing session are made by the user, and not by other sites.6 monthsThird party
    doubleclick.netar_debugUsed by Doubleclick for debugging ads. Doubleclick is owned by Google.1 monthThird party
    IDEUsed by Doubleclick for displaying ads. Doubleclick is owned by Google.1 yearThird party
    test_cookieUsed by Doubleclick to check if the user’s browser supports cookies.15 minutesThird party
    t.sharethis.compxcelBcnLcyShareThis Tag Management System cookie used to track latency on reporting beacon.SessionThird party
    pxcelPage_default_c010ShareThis Tag Management System cookie used to track status of pixel rotation loading. ShareThis uses a different cookie for different groups of sites within the ShareThis network.7 daysThird party
    pxcelPage_default_c010_B 1 monthThird party
    __stidvShareThis cookie ID version.1 yearThird party
    __stidShareThis cookie ID.1 yearThird party



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